Jimmy Mack 1967
Let The Good Times Roll (Side B)

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What happens when fame and fortune come calling?


Mack, Effy and Angie find instant success in the fashion world of the 1960s.

But nothing is straightforward or simple.This is a love story with a difference.


What if the three are two couples?

Effy and Angie are best friends who have agreed to share Mack living life as two separate couples. 


Their new lives will take the three away from the North of England and the Mod scene thrusting them into high earning celebrity careers. As their fame grows they will find themselves in  London, Spain and New York.


Along the way they will experience press and fashion industry intrigue, deception and malice.


Can their unusual love arrangement survive?



Another masterpiece from the pen of John Knight. I love the uncertainty of the plot. Got totally caught up in the story and had so many different feelings towards the end of the book. Yet I know it's only a novel.Without trust you've got nothing. What else can I say. Brilliant.” Graham Wilkinson.

 Having devoured John Knight's previous two Mack novels in double quick time, I waited for this book with both excitement and trepidation.

Could it be as good? How would the trio work? How would the story progress?

I needn't have worried because Let The Good Times Roll surpassed all expectations. It is not just your run of the mill, Mod By Numbers, 60's tale. It explores relationships, love, business factors, and matters of the heart, and at the same time taking us away to what the media circus entitled The Swinging Sixties by namechecking the alumni of the time. Personally, back in 1967, I was a 6 year old boy playing football in a playground of a school in South London. But this novel makes me feel like I was right there in the thick of things in 67 rather than hanging onto cost tails of a scene that revived itself in the latter end of the 70s.

Each character is fully investigated and explored, and you feel like you are investing in them emotionally as you read, especially in Effy's struggles later in the chapters.

I am not going to spoil it all for you, so get reading - and it would be a fine idea to check out the other 2 John Knight books first.



Novels for the young in heart and soul.  

Jimmy Mack 1967
Chapter 19
Jimmy Mack 1967 (SIDE B)
Chapter 1


Novels for the young in heart and soul.  

Wonderful books - I enjoyed them both tremendously. Highly recommended

Paul Hooper-Keeley

Brilliant book, well crafted, great characters and a setting with immaculate attention to detail.  Mark Jones 

Yes! This is what I want to read, the real deal genuine Mod.  John Barnaby

All in all a great read - entertaining, thought provoking and moving.   

Steve Pilkington

Just finished the Jimmy Mack sequel. Absolutely brilliant. Genius work. Thank you for writing it. I am so jealous. @AFCBaggy

They are amazing. You can't put them down. John Knight has nailed it in every way. Leaves you thirsting for for more. I'm loving them. Natalie Allen 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of the Jimmy Mack books. I’m now chomping at the bit for the next one. Thank you John Knight. Karen Keeley

What a story. I was intrigued throughout. The twists and turns. Great writing. I have also written a review on both books on Can't wait for the next book.

Graham Wilkinson

John, this is a beautiful book. I couldn't wait to finish it and now I'm sad l have as l want more. It is a great journey through teenage life and love that we have all been a part of. I LOVE IT! Carl Blackburn *


*Carl sent this photo of his Lambretta TV 175 with his copy of the novel on the mudguard. The same model I owned in 1966.

I have just finished reading this superb book this morning - straight onto Jimmy Mack 1967 now. Paul Hooper-Keeley

I have only just read the first chapter of your book, but everything that happened in the first part brought back memory’s of my youth, I remember buying my first record player at the Coop, and spending my spare time looking through LPs, you seem to have got the correct youth culture of that time, if the rest of the book brings back memory’s like that lots of people will thank you for the happy times you have reminded them of.   Nigel Deacon

Just read a book called ‘Jimmy Mack: Some kind of wonderful’ by John Knight. Brought back lots of thoughts and memories of being a Mod in the mid 60s. Great read that I thought those of you who were there might enjoy . Clive Garnett

"I salute you with your writing skills. I absolutely love Jimmy Mack.  Nostalgia, rite of passage and fashion and music. You covered it all.  I am sad I finished it . I cannot wait for the next one." Natalie Allen

I really enjoyed 'Jimmy Mack - Some Kind of Wonderful' I'm halfway through 'Jimmy Mack 1967' I want to know what happens but don't want the book to end..  Karen Keeley

I haven't read a novel for about 100 years, but I'm half way through yours already!  

John Wharton.

"LOVIN this book , can't seem to put it down GREAT BUY!"   

Vivy Mower

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