"These books are a great read. Epitomize the 1960s and Mod culture."

Dave Varley Amazon                            

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Where the Jimmy Mack saga begins...

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It’s almost a Romeo and Juliet style tale for Mods

Jason Disley


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John, this is a beautiful book. I couldn't wait to finish it and now I'm sad l have as l want more. It is a great journey through teenage life and love that we have all been a part of. I LOVE IT!

Carl Blackburn


The drug fuelled all-night Mod dance scene of the Sixties is the backdrop to a secret love. Soul music, the soundtrack to this intense love affair.

You're never too young to fall in love. Some things are just meant to be. A wink outside church one Sunday brings Fiona "Effy" Halloran into James "Mack" MacKinnon's life. It's 1964 in the West Riding of Yorkshire For the two fifteen-year-olds the next two years will prove a test of their love and devotion to one another.

Growing up is never easy, nor is being young and in love. When Effy's sister Caitlin becomes pregnant by Mack's brother the lives of their families collide. Dealing with a feuding family, itself divided by religious zeal, becomes a serious obstacle for the young lovers. Separated by circumstances can their love for one another survive?

Over time Mack and Effy learn the truth about their respective families because secrets never stay secret forever. 

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Just read a book called ‘Jimmy Mack: Some kind of wonderful’ by John Knight. Brought back lots of thoughts and memories of being a Mod in the mid 60s. Great read that I thought those of you who were there might enjoy .

Clive Garnett


I have just finished reading this superb book this morning - straight onto Jimmy Mack 1967 now. Paul Hooper-Keeley

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I have only just read the first chapter of your book, but everything that happened in the first part brought back memory’s of my youth, I remember buying my first record player at the Coop, and spending my spare time looking through LPs, you seem to have got the correct youth culture of that time, if the rest of the book brings back memory’s like that lots of people will thank you for the happy times you have reminded them of. 

 Nigel Deacon


"I salute you with your writing skills. I absolutely love Jimmy Mack.  Nostalgia, rite of passage and fashion and music. You covered it all.  I am sad I finished it . I cannot wait for the next one." Natalie Allen

I really enjoyed 'Jimmy Mack - Some Kind of Wonderful' I'm halfway through 'Jimmy Mack 1967' I want to know what happens but don't want the book to end. 

Karen Keeley

"LOVIN this book , can't seem to put it down GREAT BUY!"    Vivy Mower

Jimmy Mack  (Some Kind of Wonderful)
Chapter 1

The 2nd novel

in the Jimmy Mack 1967 trilogy

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What happens when fame and fortune come calling?


Mack, Effy and Angie find instant success in the fashion world of the 1960s.

But nothing is straightforward or simple. This is a love story with a difference.


What if the three are two couples?

Effy and Angie are best friends who have agreed to share Mack living life as two separate couples. 


Their new lives will take the three away from the North of England and the Mod scene thrusting them into high-earning celebrity careers. As their fame grows they will find themselves in  London, Spain, and New York.


Along the way, they will experience press and fashion industry intrigue, deception, and malice.


Can their unusual love arrangement survive?

Jimmy Mack 1967 (SIDE B)
Chapter 1
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 Another masterpiece from the pen of John Knight. I love the uncertainty of the plot. Got totally caught up in the story and had so many different feelings towards the end of the book. Yet I know it's only a novel.Without trust you've got nothing. What else can I say. Brilliant.”

Graham Wilkinson.


Having devoured John Knight's previous two Mack novels in double quick time, I waited for this book with both excitement and trepidation.

Could it be as good? How would the trio work? How would the story progress?

I needn't have worried because Let The Good Times Roll surpassed all expectations. It is not just your run of the mill, Mod By Numbers, 60's tale. It explores relationships, love, business factors, and matters of the heart, and at the same time taking us away to what the media circus entitled The Swinging Sixties by namechecking the alumni of the time. Personally, back in 1967, I was a 6 year old boy playing football in a playground of a school in South London. But this novel makes me feel like I was right there in the thick of things in 67 rather than hanging onto cost tails of a scene that revived itself in the latter end of the 70s.

Each character is fully investigated and explored, and you feel like you are investing in them emotionally as you read, especially in Effy's struggles later in the chapters.

I am not going to spoil it all for you, so get reading - and it would be a fine idea to check out the other 2 John Knight books first.



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(Dying is simple.

It's coming back when things get interesting)

Just because she died it doesn’t mean he’s dead.


When Alice, a 1960s fashion model decides to disappear, she leaves a manuscript with her friend, Angie Thornton.


Can Alice’s bizarre admissions be true?

Or is her mysterious manuscript nothing more than an elaborate hoax?


So, who is Alice?

Is she really an eighteen-year-old teenage Mod from Halifax who became one of ‘Mack’ MacKinnon’s famed New Breed models?


Or is she really someone else?

A cracking good read.

Uncanny insight into the experience of living in the Opposite sex. Deeply sensitive.

Jane George


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Sample chapter
from 'ALICE'

The 1st novel

in the Jimmy Mack 1967 trilogy.

JM2 Open.jpg

Mack, Effy and Angie are three smart, sharp and stylish young Mods in search of a future. Soul music and the all night dance scenes of Halifax, Bradford and Manchester’s famed Twisted Wheel club are the backdrop to their lives.


Mack and Effy’s love affair is intense and torrid. Angie is their best friend but she and Mack share a secret they can never reveal to Effy. As 1967 unfolds their lives change forever. A fateful encounter at Angie’s eighteenth birthday party will take the three to London.


When a soured drug deal resurfaces Mack’s past catches

up with him, sparking revenge and violence.


Their passion for fashion opens a door in Chelsea’s King’s Road to fledgling careers. London’s Swinging Sixties nightlife will bring them before the full glare of the press. Are their dreams about to come true? Or will Mack and Angie's secret destroy everything?


This novel will surprise and challenge reader’s

understanding of love and friendship.


Jimmy Mack 1967 – Strong Love (Side A) is the first part of the 1967 trilogy and the second in the Jimmy Mack Series. The trilogy follows on from the opening novel of the forthcoming Jimmy Mack series.

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All in all a great read - entertaining, thought-provoking and moving.  

Steve Pilkington


A beautiful book  Elinor Salter Amazon

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What a story. I was intrigued throughout. The twists and turns. Great writing. I have also written a review on both books on Amazon.co.uk. Can't wait for the next book.

Graham Wilkinson


Wonderful books - I enjoyed them both tremendously. Highly recommended

Paul Hooper-Keeley

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Brilliant book, well crafted, great characters and a setting with immaculate attention to detail.  

Mark Jones 


They are amazing. You can't put them down. John Knight has nailed it in every way. Leaves you thirsting for more. I'm loving them.

Natalie Allen 

Having thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the Jimmy Mack series (Jimmy Mack: Some kind of Wonderful) I couldn’t wait to have time to read the second book in the series. And Jimmy Mack 1967 – Strong Love didn’t disappoint. Once I had started I just couldn’t put it down.
For anyone who grew up in the 60’s and wanting to remember those days this series is a ‘must read’. And for anyone else it gives a frank account of what life was like for teenagers trying to deal with emotions and finding their way in the world.
With twists and turns you would find in any good story, plus, at times some quite raunchy and violent narrative I would highly recommended this book.

Richard  Amazon

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Just finished the Jimmy Mack sequel. Absolutely brilliant. Genius work. Thank you for writing it. I am so jealous.

K.S. Bagnall


I thoroughly enjoyed reading both of the Jimmy Mack books. I’m now chomping at the bit for the next one. Thank you John Knight. Karen Keeley

Jimmy Mack 1967
Chapter 19

Yes! This is what I want to read, the real deal genuine Mod.  

John Barnaby


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The 3rd novel

in the Jimmy Mack 1967 trilogy

JM4 Open.jpg

As a stand-alone book, 'New Breed' is exceptional. As part of the Trilogy, it is sensational... To me, the author is a 21st Century Colin MacInnes. 

AFC Baggy 


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"These books are a great read.  Epitomize the 60s and Mod culture."

Dave Varley

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London calling...

... and James ‘Mack’ MacKinnon and the New Breed collective are answering the call.

Touted as the teen David Bailey he and his models are setting the fashion world alight.

Effy Halloran’s disappearance haunts him and his other girlfriend Angie Thornton.

Why did the young talented fashion designer disappear after their return from New York? Her disappearance is set for further mystery, intrigue and deception as he searches for answers.

Who is Joy Heatherington? And how will her arrival change their lives?

His search for answers in Chelsea and Soho will unearth more than he bargained for….

Jimmy Mack 1967 (THE NEW BREED)
Chapter 1

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