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5.0 out of 5 stars - A great read. A must.

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John knight has written one of the best books ever on the mod scene set in the North of England during the 1960's. He has managed to capture the essence of the times the emotions and hardships of growing up in the 60's for the young who are trying to find their own voices, to escape their parents world of the 50's.




I’ve just re-emerged into the reality of 2018 after spending time totally immersed in 1960’s Bradford and Halifax engrossed in the love affair of two young locals, Jimmy Mack and Effy Halloran.  These young lovers found the restrictions and expectations placed on them by family and society created huge problems for them but, throughout, the strength of their love prevailed and conquered all.  This may sound flippant, but that would be a very wrong impression of this first novel by John Knight.

The book is well-written, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of both background and era.  The rounded, credible characters are handled with an intense sensitivity, deftly drawing in the reader to discover ever more about the young couple and the web of family, friends, school and church in which they are enmeshed. This all adds up to a fascinating read, set against a knowledgeable background of the music and fashions of the age.

Although this could be described as a ‘coming of age’ story with teenagers as the two main characters, in my opinion this is definitely not a book for the young.  Instead, it is a book for the ‘grown ups’ of this world, enabling them to dive back into their own past and experience once more the joys, thrills and anxieties of youth as Jimmy and Effy deal with their emotions, relationships and growing sexual desires.

I have no hesitation in recommending this book and look forward to further work by this author.

VAL BROWN (Jan 2018)


A teenage love story that is enjoyable and insightful. Made all the more real by the attention to detail by the author. Although the story is about young love set in the 1960s and the hedonistic lives of young Mods - it is really a story meant to show the coming of age and growing up in a time when lives for some families were still dominated by religious fervour and an expectation that did not chime with the more modern ideas of the young - who’s outlook on life was very different from their parents.


The main characters at first have to keep their affair secret due to perceived risk of obstruction by their respective families - but as other family revelations transpire and the love blossoms so the young couple get braver.


This book is really for adults who can dip into lives that may mirror their own - no matter the era or generation they are from. The revelation of sex is handled in the manner of erotic fiction, but also written with an adeptness that the reader acknowledges the intimacy of young lovers and their first forays into that new world of discovery. Music and style play a role in the tale as do scooters and the whole obsession with modernism that pervades young souls who are impressionable - it captures in the “Mod” moments the excitement of getting the knowledge and the understanding of what is “cool”. From getting the look right, from listening to the best tunes and making your scooter look the business. It is a book full of moments that are both heart warming and at other times tragic.


It’s almost a Romeo and Juliet style tale for Mods - and I for one look forward to whatever John Knight writes next. Read this book and immerse yourself into the revelations of two families and one love





An review

Format: Kindle Edition

"Strong Love" continues the on-going story of teenage Mods, Mack, his girlfriend Effy and their friend Angie, who we were introduced to in John's first novel, "Some Kind of Wonderful". Set in the towns of Bradford and Halifax, the book vividly describes the lives of the young people, their friends and families in the thriving Northern Mod scene of the 60's. Like the previous book, the characters are well-rounded and believable and the storyline is inventive and absorbing, as the action moves from the local coffee bars to renowned Mod clubs like Halifax's Plebeians and Manchester's Twisted Wheel, right through the Kings Road in Chelsea.

All in all, it's a great read - entertaining, thought-provoking and moving. The Mod element blends into the story naturally, rather than being a checklist of all the right references and, after so many Mod books set in London around 1964, it makes a change to read a book set up North in a slightly later era. Finally, one nice touch - like the previous book, each chapter heading is the title of a 60's Soul/R&B record, complete with UK label and catalogue number - an attention to detail that any Mod would definitely approve of!





An review

"Set in the 60s at the height of modernism, the tale of two love struck teenagers, their hopes, their desires set against a back drop of over zealous religious principles and parental strictness.

Interwoven with the mid sixties Mod scene, evoking the era in credible detail, the lives of our protagonists are explored, celebrated and realistically drawn.
Can’t wait for the sequel."



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