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The Art of Allusion #3 Long after tonight is over I will never forget it....

Chapter 46. “Long after tonight is over I will never forget it. I will always love you, always be yours no matter what,” Effy murmured.

The story is peppered with musical allusions that will resonate with Soul music aficionados. A very obvious reference at the end of Chapter 46 alludes to Jimmy Radcliffe's recording of Long after tonight is all over. This will seem an obscure reference to those not in the musical know but in context it will still make sense. Knowing the song will clearly deepen a response to the events in the chapter. If you are unfamiliar with the Jimmy Radcliffe's song I include a youtube link below. Have a listen if it's unknown to you. It's a wonderfully romantic song. Enjoy.

This went on to become Northern Soul anthem in the Seventies and was one of the closing three records played at the end of the night. It was known in Sixties and an avid collector like Mack in the novel would have acquired a copy of the 45 single.



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