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Liar? Liar? Emails on fire... Who is practicing to deceive?

So today I received this response from Amazon. They continued to blame my publisher/printer. Who is lying? I have no way of knowing. Meanwhile my book isn’t being bought and read. It’s not about lost money. I doubt I’m going to make anything more than to cover my expenses. All I want is for my work to be out there. If you can be bothered to read about my problem and have any suggestions I would welcome them.

Amazon response (4th April 2018):

Hello John, I trust this email finds you well. I do understand the type of frustration you must be going through due to this all situation. Please reach out to your publisher or the vendor distributing your books. Your publisher/vendor will need to create a request in Vendor Central to address any availability. They can access Vendor Central here: I hope this information is helpful. I wish you a lovely day ahead.

Lucy S.

FeedARead. Com prior response to me (28th March)

Thanks for your mail. Re your query, our printers who handle distribution raised with Amazon say they did not receive a helpful response so they raised a next-level ticket with Amazon. The printers distribution agreement with Amazon involves tens of thousands of books so usually they resolve quickly, more quickly than this, so we have also asked that our printer representative take it to the next level with their own management examining this too as it effects your book of course but if amazon aren't providing their normal qui

cker response we pointed out to the printers it could be affecting more than one book and different publishers that they represent.

As soon as we hear further we will let you know. Re the resellers on your book's page on amazon, the only way resellers can get a copy is by sourcing a copy through our printers so this ensures you always receive a royalty, most of the resellers listed for your book such as Wordery are very well established with over half million book sales on amazon, and include free postage in the price on amazon, so in the interim you could point readers to the resellers or to our site directly if you have clicked for your book to be public on our site too.

best wishes

S….. (name omitted)

feedaread team

You can see why I’m frustrated and angry. Somebody is being economical with the truth at my expense. Who do I blame?



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