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(Me) David v. (Amazon) Goliath.

I'm still struggling to get through to Amazon. This is is my latest attempt at trying to resolve the issue. I wonder what the response to it will be? More evasiveness and obfuscation? Trying to lay the blame on everyone but themselves? Here is the text of the email I have sent this morning. It will be interesting to see how they respond. Surely this is as clear as I can communicate it?

The email sent...

"My recent email received by you from should have been forwarded and read in its completeness. If not I will for the umpteenth time attempt to make clear the central issue. Please ensure you follow what is being communicated.

NB. 1.

My novel 'Jimmy Mack' is distributed by Lightning Source (they print 7.5 million books a year - they are no fly by night origanisation). Via my publisher Feed A Read they have a distribution agreement with Amazon UK. This entails Amazon UK stocking and selling my novel as as a FIRST PARTY.

NB. 2.

Until recently (now well over a month approaching two) you have no longer stocked and sold my book as per agreement with Lightning Source. Consequently my sales have plummeted into insignificance. Instead you have said that my book is only available from third party sellers. (A clear breach of agreement).

NB. 3.

When tackled you have tried to blame Lightning Source for this saying it was their issue. It is is not. Feed A Read and Lightning Source emails exchange between them have been sent to me clearly showing that in fact the issue is with YOU AT AMAZON. I have the full exchange and will forward this to you separately if required. It is clear from these email exchanges that you have adopted a high handed, dismissive and cavalier attitude to the distributor (Lightning Source) with regards to my book and their enquiry. You did this by attempting obfuscate the issue and then ignoring their attempts to solve the matter. This is simply not good enough nor is it acceptable to me, Feed A Read and Lightning Source.

NB. 4.

If you are reading this and it is above your Level for dealing with such a matter you need to pass it up to someone who can. This needs to be expedited as quickly as possible. It has gone on long enough and is an unwarranted breach of the distribution agreement.

NB. 5.

As a self-published author via this publishing/distribution network I have to compete in a difficult market against authors who have the backing and big advertising budget I don't. Selling is not easy in a highly competitive market. It is utterly unhelpful to someone like me working on less than a shoe string. I am not looking for any special help but I am expecting to be treated fairly, honestly and openly.

I hope this is perfectly clear.

In summary: My book restocked and distributed as previously according to the original distribution agreement as soon as possible.

Hoping for a speedy resolution of this issue.



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